Webserver and multi tenant website management packages

In its most abstract sense you can use hyn to manage multiple websites with only one (laravel 5) application installation.

This single installation of hyn maintains 7 hostnames pointing to 3 websites.

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The hyn packages are not yet ready for production environments.

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Each website within hyn is sharing the same PHP code base, as a benefit you:

  • have one installation of hyn to maintain all websites
  • can share global plugins with any website
  • can allow website owners full access to their media, local plugin and cache files
  • are ready to scale

Don't be afraid, each website is specifically a seperate entity:

  • all custom files (uploads, images, themes, website plugins) are located in their own folder
  • soft limit and view disk usage per website
  • templates are website specific
  • local (website) plugins are automatically available
  • each website uses its own database for storing information
  • users register locally, not globally
  • specify url's as routes per website

To allow easy management of your webserver some useful - optional - tools are available:

  • built-in image caching server allowing resizing, rotating and cropping (requires nginx)
  • auto generated webserver configurations (apache or nginx)
  • verify whether domain names point to the correct IP address
  • system and memory load as percentage
  • disk usage as a percentage
  • calculate disk usage per website; files and database

This optional package allows you to manage the other hyn packages from within an easy interface. No forced authentication method, so use your own filters at will.

  • view a list of all configured websites and manage them or add new ones
  • connect more hostnames to your application or remove them
  • view usage statistics of each website or tenant
  • view usage statistics of your webserver