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Daniël Klabbers has a long history in building Laravel applications for small to enterprise businesses. Entrepreneur by heart and widespread experience grants clients access to implementation, improvements and consultation in scalability, devops and programming.

Listen first, act second
Understanding the client needs is paramount in building a long-lasting valuable relationship.
Certified and established
Years of experience with in-depth Laravel framework code, continued open source Laravel-related contributions and official certified Laravel developer.
Performance and scalability
Applied experience with kubernetes, continuous integration and deployment scenarios. As well as asynchronous processing with queues and scheduling.
Team leadership and management
Has taken full responsibility over several open source projects and their teams. Past experience with managing several development teams in a million dollar ecommerce startup.
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Daniël took a 20-year-old forum and dragged it into the 21st century, and the results have been remarkable. Faster site, higher SEO ranking, improved revenue, and seamlessly incorporated the many features that our demanding community requested. It’s very rare to come across a standout talent like Daniël!

Paul Andrew
Tagged with: flarum freelancing

Daniël was instrumental in helping us to get our new community platform up and running under considerable time pressure. Prompt and knowledgeable responses to all questions, no matter how complicated, and always open to suggestions on ways to improve the platform - Daniël made our development so much easier.


Active and past projects for free and profit.

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